Tips To Make the First Day in School As a Great Day

 The first day in school represents the end of the summer holidays and the beginning of studies. Because of the fact that beginning is the most important part of the work, we provide some tips that will make the first day in school as a great day.

Tips for the night before the first day in school:

Prepare your outfit

This will be helpful to decide what outfit you would like to wear, rather than doing it in the morning because it will save time and you will not be late. 

Make sure to pick the one that will make you feel confident.

Pack your bag & school supplies

To make sure you won’t forget anything you need at school the next day, it’s better to check the supplies you purchased and pack them inside your bag.

Go to bed early and set your alarm

As the proverb says “early to bed early to rise”, the first day might be so long so you need to take enough rest before starting it.

After you prepare everything, go to your bed.

Set the alarm at 6:30 am so that you can have enough time to be ready.

Tips for the first day in school:

Take a healthy breakfast

In fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, your power relies on it.

Make sure to eat food that provides Protein, Fiber,and Vitamins.

Leave early to arrive earlier

Arriving and waiting is better than being late and hurrying, that’s to say when you worry to arrive late it increases the stress, so It’s  better to leave home earlier. You will have time to see your friends and compare classes.

Talk to people and show a good smile

Be nice, and say hello to your classmates, school staffs, and  teachers by saying “Hello, Have a good day!” You will feel positive and excited, also the important thing is that you will win people’s love and respect.

Make new friends

You might not be in the same class as your friends. That isn’t a big deal, it’s a good opportunity to make new friends. 

Don’t be shy , talk to your new classmates nearby.

Be the "a 1" of the class

Respect the classroom rules.

Pay attention to your teacher.

Raise your hand to say your answer.

Don’t worry if your answer is wrong.

Take notes of what the teacher is explaining.

Make a homework/assignment planner

It’s important to make a task planner of what your teachers ask you to do as a homework.

Divide the notebook into the number of subjects you study.

Distinguish between them by making different colors of each part.

Make sure to check it every time you go back home.

Avoid the stress

It’s ok if you feel stressed.

Be calm and positive.

Take a deep breath & relax to control the stress.

Focus on the lecture and take notes.

Talk to your teacher and ask for help at the end of the class.

Best of Luck!

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