Save Your Life By Protecting Your Kidneys

According to Wikipedia, kidney disease starts by the damage that occurs in the human kidneys. This damage may lead to the kidneys function loss by affecting the body’s ability to clean blood. As a result, people who have this disease will rely on a dialysis machine to survive. No one can deny that kidney disease is a silent killer, but there are so many ways you should follow and things you should prevent to save your protect your kidneys and save your life.

Keep yourself fit

Sports have a lot of benefits, by providing power for your body as well as securing it from several chronic diseases, such as Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, and Obesity. Sports will help your body to decrease blood pressure and will prevent getting any kind of kidneys diseases.

Eat healthy food

One of the bad habits that many people do daily is that they eat fast food. Fast food maintains a great deal of cholesterol. Eating too much over a long period of time can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Your body needs healthy and balanced food that will provide supplies, vitamins and minerals. They also help your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels. And that’s good for your kidneys.

Consider drinking water

It goes without saying that water is a vital element of life, and it has a great function by cleaning your kidneys. On the other hand, the lack of drinking water causes kidneys stones and some other problems, this is why everyone needs to drink 8-7 cups of water daily.

Stop smoking

Smoking has a large number of impacts on your body including heart diseases, lung and blood cancers, and also raising the blood pressure. In other words, smoking reduces the speed of bloodstream to the kidneys which can cause both heart and kidney disease.

Get enough sleep

In fact, your kidneys functions depend on the sleep-wake cycle, that’s to say lack of sleep may have a bad impact on your kidneys. Your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Follow your treatment carefully

Follow your treatment plan carefully to control high blood pressure. Don’t overdo it with over-the-counter medications for everyday pain or joint swelling, then talk to your doctor about checking your kidney function. These drugs can cause harm to the kidneys if taken too often over a long period.

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