How to make your kids enjoy last summer days

The countdown has started, just a few days left for the end of summer vacation and children will go back to school. The last days should be amusing and entertaining and also preparing to go back to school and have a fresh start 

Encourage your kids to read a short part of a book/story

It’s the way that will keep them more interested in reading and will help them to gain some new vocabularies and also improve their reading skills.

Encourage them to help in housework

Try to make it fun as can as possible so that they can enjoy doing it, it’s a tip that will help them to be independent and  to rely on themselves in the future

Invite them to the kitchen

Make them feel proud of themselves when they help you with cooking or cleaning 

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are always exciting and joyful and mostly with water activities because it deals with the heat and it’s fun 

Go for a picnic

Going in a picnic or a trip is always so amusing , and it is a good chance for the whole family to have fun and enjoy being in that atmosphere  and your kids will be in a wide place where they can play and feel comfortable 

Art and Crafting

Give them all the items they need and help them create or draw  their own arts and designs, it will boost their creativity.

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