Help Your Children To Deal With Bullies At School

Bullying at school is a very serious unstoppable problem all over the world. It has two types: the first is physical (Pushing, hitting and punching) and the second one is verbal (mockery name-calling). Most of the time bullies use both of them on their victims. Bullying reasons differ, but it literally leads to many bad impacts on all students: the bullies, victims, also people who witness it. In other words, bullying raise up the risk of mental illness including depression, anxiety, and social problems like sleep difficulties, poor grades, and in some situations, it leads to self-harm, including suicide. The greatest fear of every parent is their children getting bullied or abused at school. This is why we have looked for some good and useful tips  that will help your children to deal with it.

Talk to your child

Many children do not talk about problems with other children at school because they feel ashamed or embarrassed, even if they get bullied all the time. Apparently, they worry about how their parents are going to react

  • Ask your child gently how things are going in school when they go back home.

Support your Child

Children need care and support from their parents whether they face bullying or not so that they can build their own self-confidence . When children are upset by other children’s behavior, parents can provide a valuable sounding board. They can help children interpret situations and decide what to do.

Encourage  your children to get good friends

To make school as a pleasant place for children, they need friends so that they can have fun during studying, help and support each other. Good Friends can also help your child to get their confidence back after being bullied. Encourage them to spend time in school with friends who have a positive influence.

Encourage your child to join a school club

Sport, Music, or any other entertaining activities clubs are the good spots where children can turn the bad emotions or anger into creativity. Besides joyful clubs builds strength and friendships.

Teach your child how to react

Your child should know that the bully likes when the victim feels upset that’s why you have to tell your child to:

  • Ignore all bullies acts or words
  • Don’t let a bully make you feel bad
  • Disarm the bully with humour
  •  Act calmly
  • Leave without looking at them or saying anything
  • If they start fighting, it’s better to run rather than fighting back
  • Tell your teacher, principals, and lunchroom personnel at school ,they can all help stop bullying.

Here is an interesting video about ” How to stop a bully”

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  1. Well done! Very well said.. Dont let a bully succeed in making you cry or by hurting you.. Keep writing and Sharing your thoughts for everyone!😊its a big help though 😊

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