Best Tips For New University Students

Graduating from high school and entering university or college is quite challenging due to the differences that the freshmen are going to discover. The most known changes are:
 Classes are usually larger than those in high schools and there are many more students on the university campus. Students are responsible for making their own class schedules and following them conscientiously. Besides students need to learn how to be an academic independent learners.


According to some experiences of some graduated students, we provide   some good tips to follow and things to prevent in order to make your university studies very successful.

Manage your time

Time management is the key to success, not only during studying at university but in your whole life in general. It’s really important because you will be aware of how to spend time carefully to avoid wasting time and struggling with serious academic difficulties.

Develop taking notes skills

Taking note in a lecture isn’t about writing down everything you hear from the tutor’s explanation 

Focus on the main points and add the details that belong to these points.

Revise daily

To be a successful independent learner you have to revise what you study each day when you go back home. It’s important to rewrite what’s on your notes in a better way using different colors and highlighter pens to make it more interesting and easier for memorizing.

Avoid missing classes

Even if student progress and attendance are not generally closely monitored by instructors i.e.; going to class can be optional for the university students. However, it’s important to attend classes, in some cases the exam may be based on what was discussed during the lecture as well as the professors sometimes give really important info at the end of class.

Reduce using social media

Using phone during the lecture is very distracting and you lose concentration while the teacher is explaining, as a result, you will miss the main points of the lecture. Turn your phone off and stay focused.

Avoid cramming

Studying for an exam in a short period is the main factor of failing, in other words many students tend to cram for exams because they don’t start their preparation for the exams earlier because of laziness or underestimating what they are going to be examined in and they keep postponing until it is too late. 

If you want to get good grades you should avoid this bad habit.

Study with a friend or group

Studying with a friend or a group of friends is quite helpful because of the fact that it’s better than working alone and makes the tasks easier by sharing notes and explanations and useful sources etc.

Keep it to between 3 and 5 members and be sure if the members are serious and have good attitude for studying.  

Get ready for exams

Make your own schedule for all the subjects you are studying

Use charts and diagrams

Organize a study group with friends

Practice on old exams

Take breaks and eat healthy food

Stay focused and positive



Good luck!

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  1. Good Choice of topic on your article.. Group Study really helps a lot. It includes brain storming with your friends.. and its a big help in preparing yourself for exams. Thumbs Up!😊😊👍👍

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