6 Tips To Prevent Video Games Addiction

Last year on May 25th, the World Health Organization officially declared that Game Addiction is one of the  international recognized addictions. Video games addiction refers to the uncontrolled use of video games for several hours, it has an influence on the addicted person’s life. That’s to say, many youths spend too much time playing video games, this leads to laziness, eye diseases, and  low grades etc . In fact, what is really threatening for children isn’t spending too much on a video game. There are some video games which requires being an adult because of the fact that these games may contain violence scenes, and foul language etc. Besides video games are immersive experiences that provide  a high amount of dopamine which is extremely harmful to children. Here is how your children can cope with video games addiction and how you can prevent it.

Choose the appropriate games

Choosing video games for children is an important task for parents, they have to select the games that don’t contain any source of violence or foul language. Pick the games that have entertaining and educating goals, for example, the games that are about solving issues, and will give your children a chance to boost their skills.

Avoid games that have long term levels or wide explorations. 

If your child asked whether they can play a game, Google its name and see all details about it  (type/rate/ age requirements)  and see if it is suitable for your child.

Set clear rules

Make a timeline schedule of the days when your children can play and days when it is not allowed and set a limited time for playing, for example, 1h is quite enough. 

Do not make games as a reward after finishing their homework or assignments , even if  will be very encouraging, it will lead to increase video games obsession.  

Make a countdown timer so that your children will be aware of the specific time given, and they will not break the rules.

Don't make access to video games easier

If video games devices are in your children’s bedrooms, you are giving them all freedom and authorities and they can play whenever they want to. It’s more convenient to replace these devices in the living room in order to make them under your control.

Reduce the time gradually

Getting rid of video games is not the right way to stop addiction or prevent it, you should start reducing it gradually. For example :

  • Use the technique of «Day on, Day off” in order to change their habits. 
  • Reward your child after a day without playing video games to make it challenging. 
  • Raise the challenge by setting the time of playing at the weekends only.

Encourage  your child to do different activities

  • Sign up your children in Sport Club for example Karate or whatever they are interested in.
  • Encourage them to find their own interests like music or art
  • Give them all the support they need by providing anything they need to develop their talents.
  • Encourage them to help in household tasks

This will help to manage their free time, instead of wasting it on video games.

Contact a specialist

If nothing from all above didn’t work and you see the symptoms of video game addiction on your child behaviors such as Lack of being social , Losing interests in other activities, and low grades, you should consider taking your child to a specialist who will know how to deal with your child situation.

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1 thought on “6 Tips To Prevent Video Games Addiction

  1. I really like the post and the sentiments it expressed. Many parents go into this introducing their children to video games without any thinking or forward planning.
    It often is very difficult to deal with the obsession so it’s best to think ahead and limit access to these. As a teacher, I see so many children whose lives have been damaged by the amount of time they spend engaging in video games.
    And I have met so many parents who are fighting a losing battle to get their children to engage in healthy social behaviours, all because most of their interactions are online and these can seem like the norm to many children.
    Thanks for highlighting the issue and for the valuable suggestions you have made.

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