7 Facts why you should own a pet

Owning a pet has numerous benefits; pets manage to bring so much joy into our lives. They make us laugh, comfort us when we’re sick or upset, and are always there for us no matter what. Pets help out in many societal ways as well, especially dogs. Their sense of smell and the fact they can be easily trained have led to dogs being used to help people in an extraordinarily diverse range of activities: therapy dogs are taken to nursing homes, hospitals, care centres for the disabled to engage with patients to help their quality of life by making them more sociable and encourage interaction and activities.

The following facts will amaze you and explain why you should own a pet.


They keep you fit

Dogs encourage owners to get outside and move that’s to say dogs help their owners stay active, a study that found dog owners to be 54 per cent more likely than other adults to get the recommended amount of exercise. a dog is possibly the best personal trainer you could ask for.

You will never feel lonely

Cats and dogs make great companions they’ll always be waiting for you to come home and they’ll be happy to lend an ear should you want to complain about the awful day you’ve had. Loneliness has been associated with heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other negative outcomes, but older adults who owned pets were 36 per cent less likely to say they were lonely than those who didn’t have a furry friend.

Pets ensure your heart

Owning a cat could bring down the danger of dying from heart disease, a study in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology reports. The researchers found that those who said they’d owned a cat at some point in their lives had a lower risk of dying of a heart attack during the 20-year study than those who’d never owned one. Cats might help relax people during stress, or cat owners might tend to have traits that make them less at-risk.


Pets teach and support your children

Having a pet is a great way for your children to learn new things,  From the daily responsibility of feeding, exercising and caring for the animal as well as understanding more about illness and loss, it can equip your children with the emotions to cope better with important life events as they grow up. Research from the University of Lincoln found that children with autism experience fewer meltdowns in the presence of a pet dog and their parents stress levels are significantly lowered, but we also see that dogs can make a difference to confidence levels, help reduce anxiety, improve communication and help families do more together.

They improve your immune system

Pets spend a lot of their time outside and therefore bring all sorts of dirt and germs into your home. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though – the additional germs can help improve your immunity to colds and other mild illnesses. In fact, previous studies have shown that babies with pets in the house are less likely to develop allergies later in life

They make you more social.

Pet owners usually come across other pet owners. Pets are the ultimate conversation starters. And not only is this good for your social life, but it’s also good for your health: According to one study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, being social can benefit everything from mental health to physical wellbeing

They make you feel safe

Many people hate being alone at home, but having a cat or dog there can make you feel a lot safer. Plus, burglars or thieves are less likely to target a house that’s clearly home to a dog. Some types of dogs make excellent guards and will even protect you when you’re out for a run or walk.